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Enhance Monthly Giving

It’s long been proven that it is easier and more cost-effective to grow donations from existing donors than it is to find new ones and nurture them. In today’s tough economic times, people are holding on to their money but are still giving to charitable organizations like yours. Often, it is easier for them to manage multiple smaller gifts throughout the year rather than one large gift, and this approach not only helps improve cash flow but can also result in higher overall levels of giving. Our Monthly Sustaining Program is a great way to keep donors actively engaged and donating throughout the year, keeping the relationship strong.

Getting started is simple. We create a personalized online experience for your donors that makes it easy for them to log in and set up their donation schedule. When it is time to renew, they will receive a friendly reminder. Additional communications will be designed specifically for them, based on what you know about them and their giving levels, in order to strengthen the relationship throughout the entire year and make sure that they stay informed and engaged.

Program Details:

  • Monthly Sustaining Program
    • Develop and implement strategy for online engagement for the monthly sustaining gift program
    • Build and maintain a microsite for the monthly sustaining gift program
  • Handle renewals and other communications during the program designed to enhance donor engagement